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Federal tax dollars are collected for a reason - to provide goods and services to persons all across the United States. The services and goods provided are enormous and are often provided by private companies who seek reimbursement from government funds. Regrettably, sometimes the taxes you pay from your hard-earned income fall into the pocket of unscrupulous businesses and persons who defraud and lie to the government to line their own pockets. Rather than collect an honest payment for honest work, some businesses contract with the federal government to provide goods and services but overcharge the government or charge for goods and services that are never provided. This fraud not only hinders governmental efforts, it wastes government tax dollars to the tune of millions of dollars every year. The most common areas where fraudulent and misuse of tax dollars occurs are Medicare billing, federally guaranteed insurance, IRS tax fraud, financial fraud affecting investors, and kickback cases involving both Medicare and Medicaid.Oftentimes the only way fraud against the United States is detected and corrected is when individuals with specific knowledge of the fraud come forward and assert a claim on behalf of the United States. Federal law allows a person who reports fraudulent use of federal tax dollars to receive an award for any recovery of tax dollars lost due to fraud. These actions, known as Whistle Blower or Qui Tam actions, can be complicated and require in-depth knowledge of federal laws and procedures. If you or someone you know are aware of any waste or fraudulent use of federal tax dollars, let us know. We have the necessary experience to pursue these types of cases, having previously brought actions for whistleblowers on behalf of the United States. For further information on what you can do the right the wrongs of fraudulent waste on behalf of taxpayers, contact Pospisil Swift for a free consultation.

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