Partnership Disputes

partnership disputes

Effectively Resolve Your Partnership Disputes

Business partners should be able to trust each other. Unfortunately, sometimes partners breach that trust and place their own personal and financial interests first - to the detriment of the other partners and the business itself. This can happen in a variety of ways, ranging from dishonest conduct to fraud or even illegal acts. Honest and unsuspecting partners are usually left with no way to protect their interests short of looking for help and protection in the legal system. The attorneys at Pospisil Swift understand the difficulties, emotions, and frustrations that come from dealing with an unscrupulous partner while trying to focus on what really matters to you: your business. Our commercial-litigation attorneys have over twenty-five combined years of experience in resolving business disputes in the Kansas City area and across the country. In some cases, we have resolved partners' issues without a lawsuit being filed. In other instances, we have aggressively fought for our clients through litigation. We have represented clients with partnership dispute claims involving numerous issues, including:

  • Partner or shareholder fraud
  • A partner's breach of contract with the company or other partners
  • A partner's tortious interference with contracts
  • A partner's conversion of business property
  • The oppression of minority owners, partners, or Statutory violations of legal rights afforded to all business owners, partners, and shareholders

If you or a person you know has a dispute with a business partner, let us know. We can help. Our approach is simple: we will handle the dispute while you take care of your business. For further information on how Pospisil Swift can help and for a free consultation, please contact Mike Pospisil or Matt Swift.

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