Employment Discrimination

employment discrimination

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Discrimination and harassment of employees are unfortunate realities in today's world. Treating people differently based on one's color of skin, nationality, gender, sexual identity, age, or religion is simply wrong. And it is illegal. Nowhere is this more true than in the workforce. It is illegal under federal and state laws for employers to discriminate or harass employees based on nationality, gender, sexual identity, age, or religion. When this occurs, people's live are turned upside-down - both financially and psychologically. We have witnessed first-hand the devastation that follows discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The loss of a job, wages, respect, and basic human dignity can be utterly devastating. These situations are wrong and need to be rectified. Sadly, sometimes the only way to do so is through the legal process. We have successfully pursued employment discrimination and harassment claims and stand ready, willing, and able to do so for you. If you or a friend are a victim of employment discrimination or harassment, please contact us for a free consultation.

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