Business Fraud

business fraud

Recover Losses from Business Fraud with a Passionate Attorney

Business deals typically involve professionals from all avenues—lawyers, accountants, real-estate brokers, marketers, and other advisors. In some cases, the allure of a big deal leads these individuals to mislead or lie, costing everyone else in the deal chain. When this happens, the wrongdoers are legally liable for the damages they caused. In many cases this includes lost profits.

The business-litigation attorneys at Pospisil Swift have brought business fraud claims against professionals who have defrauded business partners and cost them millions. We have succeeded in recouping direct losses and lost profits. Business fraud claims are complex. Many contracts have language that parties will rely on in an attempt to escape liability for their wrongdoing, including limitations of liability and waivers. Fighting these defenses and proving damages in these cases requires years of experience. We have that experience, and have litigated business-fraud cases against some of the world's biggest law firms.

If you have been defrauded by a business partner of any kind, contact Mike Pospisil or Matt Swift to discuss your options.

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